Welcome to Amway Business Seminars 2013

Amway Business Seminars are held around the UK and in the Republic of Ireland regularly usually over the weekend. These seminars are open to all Amway ABOs and their prospects to attend, at a small cost of £15/€10 per person.

The purpose of these seminars is to motivate and inspire. We hear from our newest Platinums and the most successful pins from around the world. Everyone has a story to tell and testimonial to share, and this often inspires others and ignites the spark within them! Additionally, we also recognise ABOs who have recently achieved a new qualification level in the Amway Performance Bonus schedule.

Come along and join us in a positive and motivating arena with like minded people. See and experience the products, meet corporate staff and form the partnership between you, ABOs in your Business Groups and Amway, never before has this been stronger.

Bring your prospects to experience the Amway spirit and atmosphere!